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Developer: Lateral Games

Release Date: 2nd October 2020

Availability: PC (Steam, Itch)

Language: English, Polish, Russian, Italian, Spanish (Latin America)

Website: lateral-games.com

Price: Free

Contact: lateralgamedev@gmail.com

Social: Twitter 


Guilt Free is a game about eating disorders, specifically Bulimia. It tells a story of a young couple who learn how to live with this disease and support each other. The game is a cross-over between a visual novel and a point&click with a branching story and multiple endings. Playing as the partner of the bullimic allows the player to notice symptomatic behaviours and decide how to react to them. 

The overall atmosphere is sad and melancholic but there are some quirky and heart-warming moments shared between the couple. Guilt Free features beautufil sketch style monochromatic art which emphasises the overall mood of the game. 


Guilt Free is the first release by Lateral Games. The core team consists of two people, who share love for video games and are passionate about using them to spread awareness about important matters, ask difficult questions and tell valuable stories.

Klaudia Bronowicka (Manchester, UK)

Klaudia is responsible for development, design and story writing. She's been playing video games for almost 20 years and has always wanted to tell her own stories. Ever since she learned programming, she's been eager to use her skills to help people. Guilt Free is the culmination of those two passions. 

Erica Koplitz (New York, US)

Although software developer by trade, Erica has taken on the role of a visual lead, creating Guilt Free's beautiful artwork and interfaces.

The rest of the team behind Guilt Free:

Maxim Grachev - SFX, Russian localisation


Ande Kun - Music


Wiktoria Romek - Polish localisation


María Alexandrescu - Spanish (LatAm) localisation